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EPISODE 2: Thing 1 vs Thing 2: Making tough choices…not as cute and fun as Dr. Seuss made it seem

Last episode of the Bare Minimum Babe™ podcast we talked about how I originally had 2 ideas for a podcast and how I had gotten so far as to record and create show notes for at least 5 episodes of the original podcast idea before I got the idea for this podcast from a random conversation with a friend during our weekly meeting we do every Monday morning.

I talked a bit about the background of that but didn’t necessarily go into how I made the decision on to kill my previous podcast idea to make energetic way for this Bare Minimum Babe idea that just kept calling to me and where my energy obviously wanted to go.

Take stock of HOW important something actually is to you vs. something you feel you SHOULD do. Chances are these things don't align.

Show notes:

  • being honest with your true intentions for doing things

  • having multiple priorities isn't a thing...and won't work longterm

  • prioritization methods

  • the sunk-cost bias and why that sh*t will sink your battleship

  • you only have so much woman power and energy in a day, don't waste it

  • if an idea came to it meant to be born?

  • not needing to know where every path could lead

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