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My Favorite Things & Reflections for 2022. Ep. 17

Moving into 2023, I wanted to share some of the things from 2022 that I’ve been loving and leaning into when I’m stressed to calm down, the books, shows, and movies that give good feels, and some of my fave podcasts that you’d probably like too, especially if you like Bare Minimum Babe.

I wanted to also touch on and reflect a lil bit before I do a full episode next week on how I essentially failed my 2022 goals and how I’m okay with that and what I learned from that failing and crisis.

Starting the Year with Good Intentions

Last year I planned for and goal set for 2022 with great intentions. I made a whole lovely day of it with a couple friends and got all in our feels.

I reflected (in a good way) through the goal planning and weekly meeting with my friend (that I was rallying against last episode in Infantilizing Women: Glittered Planners & Bright Stickers for the Win? Ep 16). At the time, I did really need this kind of reflection and planning that I rallied against in episode 16.

I did all the goal breakdowns, set actionable steps, things I wanted to finish, things I wanted to start, skills and relationships I wanted to strengthen, etc. BUT ultimately at the years close, I only accomplished half of my goals.

Midyear Rethinking

I realized around mid way through the year that I might’ve put down goals I felt I was supposed to want based on my chosen career path. I was attempting to force my goals to be a thing. I was forcing fetch to happen instead of taking stock in what I actually valued as a human being.

Much like I talked about in a previous episode, Gratitude journals suck and here’s why. Ep 13, I realized that what I actually valued was my relationships. The relationships I already had with others and wanted to really strengthen and commit to, and in real relationships I wanted to form on the basis of liking the person genuinely vs. just trying to connect with them because of what I thought something could come from it.

With this realization, which I go into more in “I Failed My 2022 Goals and I’m Okay With That. Ep. 18”, I kind of threw my goals away mentally and tried to figure out instead how to still move forward but be more aligned with what I valued and figure out what would actually bring me happiness.

Based on this more flow approach, I started to lean more into things that I enjoyed even if it wasn’t “productive” or helpful to my career goals, trying to not judge myself either if it makes me happy or reduces stress or helps me in literally any way.

So I’m sharing some of my fave things below :)


I love podcasts, obviously, because it’s like having a conversation with someone except you don’t need to play an active role in it BUT you get all the benefits. Here are a few of my faves.


I’ve been working on reading books for fun and not just shoving content into my head for “productivity's” sake. It’s difficult because as an adult you’re kind of shamed for reading “silly” books just for fun and how this could be a more “productive” use of time….but If you love reading and falling in love with a story then F that. Read what you want.

Here are some of my fave books of all time (that I could remember) and I’ll highly recommend to anyone.

Tv shows (mostly BBC stuff lol)

I’m a real adult now and like cooking/baking shows and easy romcom series because they’re sweet and formulaic and I don’t need to think. Don’t judge meeee.


I used to list horror as my favorite genre and would only watch that genre but now as I’m older I seem to be valuing corny rom coms and sweet formulaic movies. I’m not sophisticated, what can I say?

Things to Do:

  • read (mostly nonfiction but I would really like to start more fiction books)

  • workout with my husband Monday-Friday

  • chat with my daughter after school when she shares random 5th grade drama

  • singing Taylor Swift's “Midnights” in the car with my daughter

  • go on walks outside around the neighborhood

  • listen to podcasts

  • send my friends long voice memos as communication instead of regular texts

  • weekly calls/meetings with my friends

    • sometimes being your own lil biz is isolating and feels like an echo chamber. We need community of some sort and I’m so happy with the community I’ve built for myself.

    • SIDE NOTE: my closest friends are women that I reached out to on social media because they seemed really cool and I admired them in some way. I wanted to be their friend— if you want to be friends with someone, just say hi :)

  • Giving myself a manicure each Sunday afternoon

  • Watching Sugar Rush on the couch after dinner with my husband and daughter

  • taking classes that interest me at the local community center

  • practice piano

  • sing (fave song to sing is “At Last” by Etta James)

  • watching The Lune INNATE ASMR Reiki videos before bed each night to calm my mind

  • Petting random street cats

  • Ice skating (I took lessons to try something new and loved it, was great to get out of my head and focus my body into a task fully)

  • Watercoloring

Challenge for You! 🥳

What’s one thing you’ve found joy in recently that you might’ve been feeling guilty about because it wasn’t “productive?”

Cliff Notes 🧗🏻‍♂️

I share the things I’ve loved in 2022 and how going into 2023, I’m working on living my life in more “flow,” instead of forcing and pushing things to work out. We talk about how finding joy and comfort in “silly” or “unproductive” activities is not a waste of time.

In this episode we discuss:

  • how setting goals for the new year with the best intentions doesn’t mean you’ll succeed BUT it also doesn’t mean you failed…

  • it’s okay to reflect and change your goals/intentions at any time without regret or feeling like a loser

  • how normal life activities can also bring you happiness and how you don’t always need to be “hustling”

  • not judging ourselves for doing “unproductive” things if it makes us happy, reduces stress, or helps in any way

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