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You Should Keep Your Day Job And Here’s Why.

Eating Ramen noodles, sleeping under your desk, and going “all in” have been romanticized and idealized as the only way to be successful and taken “seriously” as an entrepreneur and a business owner. I’m saying that’s BS. There are so many success stories of people working on their business in between their 9-5 and familial responsibilities. The problem: these stories aren’t glorified the way living off a friend’s sofa is. This gives us a skewed perception of what building a business is, what we need to do to “succeed,” and guilt and shame if we don't live like this.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The realities of what it means to go “all in” on your business before you’re ready

  • How “Researchers found that those who kept their day job while starting a company were 33% less likely to fail than the ones who went all in”

  • When you keep your day job you’re forced to be more efficient and purposeful with your time—this is a good thing

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