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"You paid WHAT for that!?" & The Nonsense of Imposter Syndrome.

"You paid what for that!?" Have you ever incredulously asked this of someone when they show you a product or service they bought and it’s utterly subpar? I bet you have. And the interesting thing is, I bet the person behind that business that provided that good or service felt great charging that price and providing that subpar end result, unaware it’s subpar because they probably don't suffer from...IMPOSTER SYNDROME.

You holding yourself back thinking "Who am I to [fill in the blank]" are wasting your time and energy. There are millions of people out here with less skill and less expertise charging arms and legs, handing out subpar work to customers who deserve better.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Price paid does NOT equal value

  • People will pay any amount of money for anything—there is a market, customer, and audience, for what you want to put out into the world.

  • Your Imposter syndrome lets potential customers down because your inaction results in them receiving subpar results from those out there doing what you feel an imposter about.

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