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Productivity & Trauma: How Ignoring Your Body's Signals Affect Your Business

Building our business in trauma is not something we think about, especially in those terms, but so often it’s true. A large numbers of businesses are founded because the founder solved a problem they had and then wanted to share that solution with others. In this episode, with guest Laura Patricia Martin, we talk about an often overlooked aspect of entrepreneurship to understand the impact of unresolved trauma on their business, relationships, and overall well-being.

I also share my vulnerable feelings about interviewing guests for the podcast, and our guest expert Laura walks me through a mini session.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Knowledge vs. Embodiment—the difference between knowing something intellectually and embodying it in our actions

  • The importance of being our own advocate, listening to our body's check engine lights, and taking care of ourselves to build resilience for the future

  • How our body feels things that our mind doesn't want to work through and how ignoring these feelings can affect our productivity

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