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Respecting Your Limits: Adapting to Life's Seasons.

If you beat yourself up for not constantly living up to your "full potential" at all times, then this episode is for you. Something that is largely ignored in hustle culture is that there are many seasons in our lives that require different versions of ourselves, and that version isn't always the top-performing one in terms of productivity.

It's easy to slide into shame and "shoulds" during these more dormant seasons or when you need to pivot to other parts that have less extrinsic "value." But we shouldn't beat ourselves up for recognizing when we need to reallocate focus and energy into something else in our lives, at least for periods of time.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Doing what you can, where you can, and doing your best with the resources you have available to you

  • Letting go of the constant need to be hustling and pushing ourselves to our limits

  • Avoiding the negative self-talk that can come with feeling like you're not doing "enough"

  • How to recognize when you're in a growth or dormant season of your life and how to adapt your mindset accordingly

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