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How To Step Into Being The Leader You’re Meant to Be with Suzy Dickstein.

A lot of us are hiding what makes us truly great because we “should” all over ourselves, when really we “should” just be ourselves. Today’s episode features my first ever guest, Suzy Dickstein, and we discuss how to lean into the strengths that come naturally to us so that we can become the leaders we were meant to be and inspire others to create a truly rave-worthy business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • When you become a business owner, you become a leader.

  • The importance of showing up and failing.

  • People don’t connect with others because they’re perfect— they connect because of the IMperfections and vulnerabilities

  • The importance of establishing your values so that your messaging is always crystal clear

  • You only figure things out for that next step AS you’re taking that next step. You can’t just wait around for that next puzzle piece to appear before you step...

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