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EPISODE 1: Why and how I decided to follow my energy to create Bare Minimum Babe

Hi my name is Amanda Cunningham and you’re reading the notes to the very first Bare Minimum Babe™ podcast episode! We are the anti-hustle, chill TF movement. This is a new podcast/venture so I’m still figuring stuff out so excuse me please as we work out the kinks over at Bare Minimum Babe :)

The first ever podcast episode is about why I'm making this podcast and how I made the decision to make the podcast at all.

For some short context my name is Amanda Cunningham and I'm a full time singer-songwriter but before that I was a digital marketing manager for about 6 years (I still do marketing stuff on the side as a freelancer).

So first what is the Bare Minimum Babe podcast?

First off, I love self help stuff and consume as much as I can through podcasts, reading books, apps, and talking to friends and mentors on becoming a better version of yourself. I love to then share that stuff with others. SO instead of over sharing and over helping (forcing my thoughts on) my friends and family, I decided to talk to my microphone and you, to hopefully help you too.

This podcast will essentially be me condensing lots of my own learnings to share how I apply it to my life to hopefully help you shift your life as well.

This podcast will cover things like:

  • how working on only essential things and saying no to as much as possible is the best way forward to your goals

  • how doing less is more

  • how competition and comparison games are toxic bs

  • tips and tricks I use for organization

  • how having bipolar ii impacts and dictates how I often schedule my days

  • ETC!

WHY are you making the Bare Minimum Babe podcast?

In this episode I talk about

  • Talk about original podcast idea

  • How I tried to combo the 2 ideas but iffy on that combo..

  • Being honest about why I wanted to do each podcast ideas and how one of them was kind of shallow...

  • how important friends are. Not just any friends but ones that push you to think critically and share your goals in some form

  • following your energy and not just forcing yourself to do stuff all the time

If it's not a "hell yes!" then it's probably a "hell no..."

Anyways I’ve always loved self helpy stuff and also therapists and just consume as much of that as possible.

I also was reading this book essentialism and that’s how I could do this podcast. I straddled making both but I kept finding myself working on this idea and being so excited about it and writing ideas, creating a logo, buying a domain just in case” and the story of Monday name, Friday grabbed insta at gym and Monday after woke up thinking I needed to buy the domain and all the possibilities.

Anyways when I started thinking about where my energy wanted to go it wanted to go here to this. And the other music one felt like a homework assignment I assigned myself or something and work.

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