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How To Spot Predatory Marketing Tactics of Internet Coaches.

There are way too many internet coaches preying on your imposter syndrome and promising things they can’t actually guarantee with vague and hopeful statements like "I can scale your business to multiple 6 figures in just 6 months," and “quit your 9-5 with my foolproof method.”

But your goal should not be to get to an arbitrary "6 figures" as quickly as possible. Your goal should be what works for YOU. Your goal probably was not to squeeze out as much money as you can from someone to get to six figures, right? I hope I'm not wrong here…

In today's episode we talk about:

  • The predatory marketing tactics used to prey on your imposter syndrome and desperation for guidance.

  • How everyone and every business is different—there is no ONE marketing strategy or way of doing things that will work for everyone.

  • Going after short term cash grabs is NOT how to build a lasting brand

  • How NOBODY can guarantee you will make $X amount of money in Y amount of time. NOBODY.

  • How anyone who promises to have the PERFECT solution for you, they’re lying. They can't be sure of that.

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